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What you use on your skin finds its way into your body. That’s how hormone patches and creams work; the chemicals move through the skin into the system Download microsoft store. Cancer researchers have found chemicals from women’s deodorants inside a high percentage of breast tumors.

As most deodorants are toxic, you could wash under your arms with soap twice a day or find a more natural deodorant instead 알레그로 뷰어. By the way, the “natural” deodorants that look like a crystal are made from alum which contains aluminum. Please ignore the fact that the product says it has no aluminum in it 소설 같은 자바.

Use hormone creams that are NOT preserved with formaldehyde, parabens and propyl alcohol. The creams can be made by a pharmacist preserved with rosemary extract or grape seed extract instead Download The Spike. Sometimes they can be found with these natural preservatives.

For makeup removal, use olive oil Download Sword Mperer.

Your skin has no need for all the products that are continually promoted to you. Save money and save your skin!

Read each of my personal care health tips to learn some great tips to take care of your body sbs뉴스 동영상 다운로드.

Good Luck!

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