Health Tips - Broccoli Stem Rounds

Broccoli Stem Rounds

There are lots of vitamins (A, C and K etc.), minerals and other health benefits, yet almost no calories and essentially no fat.  This is perfect for a hot day as it replaces potassium and sodium. 


1 head of organic broccoli with stems intact
2 lemons
sea salt


  • Cut the stems away from the tops Full download of the movie.
  • Using a paring or cutting knife, cut away the tough outer bark of the stems.
  • Cut the stems into small rounds as thick as you like and put these in a bowl armoury crate 다운로드.
  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice of 1 or more lemons, pouring this over the broccoli rounds.
  • Salt the rounds as you like and enjoy right away bms 파일 다운로드!

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Best of health!

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Dr. Pepi