Health Tips - Five Grain Cereal

Five Grain Cereal

There is a special mix of grains that helps create balance and strength in bodies. It is called “Five Grain” and includes equal parts of brown rice, whole oat groats, millet, rye berries and whole wheat berries. This was researched by Dr 상실의 시대. Alan Beardall.

Folks who have allergies to one of these grains are usually fine with the balanced mix or can substitute another grain such as whole barley for the allergic item Cloud Bread.

Purchase the five whole grains in organic form, mix up and store in a wide mouth glass jar in your refrigerator to prevent bugs.  Here is a recipe using Five Grain:

Raw Five Grain Cereal

This is an excellent source of fiber and has 7 grams of protein (more than 1 large egg) even before nuts are added!  For comparison, Cheerios has 1 gram and Cocoa Puffs has 1/3 gram protein in the same amount of cereal pl/sql developer 다운로드.

  • In a coffee grinder ($15 at Target), grind up 1/3 cup of Five Grain.
  • Mix in 1/8 teaspoon sea salt plus any spices you might like such as cinnamon and nutmeg 19 게임 다운로드.
  • Add raw milk or rice or almond drink for moisture.
  • Stir in unheated honey or stevia extract for sweetener adobe reader.
  • Top off with any raw nuts, seeds or fruit that make your body happy.

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