Health Tips - Animals and Plants in Bedrooms

Animals and Plants in Bedrooms

As one of the main purposes of a bedroom is good sleep to repair and heal your body, animals and plants may not be ideal in bedrooms 롯데백화점 어플 다운로드.

You’ll know if your pets are making noise, moving around, and keeping you from a deep state of sleep. What you may not have considered is that animals shed dander in your bed 노트5 펌웨어 다운로드. Dander is material similar to dandruff or pet pollen which may contain scales of dried skin and hair. Animal dander is one of the more frequent human allergies, a stressor even if there are no obvious allergic symptoms 벡터 그래픽 다운로드.

Pets also shed parasite material such as eggs in your bed that can detract from health. Regarding pets and parasites, consider what your animals do all day 디지캐럿 판타지. They lick all manner of things, munch on smaller animals and play in garbage and dirt. They are usually full of parasites, in spite of what inadequate parasite lab tests show download vmware Ubuntu. Allergic stress and parasite infections both can reduce the quality of your health and sleep.

If you thrive on cuddling your pets and sleep better with them for emotional reasons, keep the door to your bedroom closed during the day, as it will reduce the number of hours they are in your bedroom 시간아 천천히.

Even fish tanks are not advised as they generate energy and activity in a room that should be soothing and peaceful.

On the subject of plants in a bedroom, plants have a lot of life force or vibrant, “growing” energy Best Investment Securities. At night, they release carbon dioxide into the air. If you would like to improve your sleep, take the plants out of your bedroom and see if you notice a difference on the number of hours you have an uninterrupted deep sleep 방구석에 인어공주 다운로드. One of my patients noticed an immediate, significant improvement in their ability to sleep as soon as one large plant was moved out. I am not referring here to plants in the rest of your home, which can be beneficial in reducing indoor air pollution 밀정 자막 다운로드.

Small plants over 5 feet from the bed may be fine. Dried flowers are dusty and not recommended. Fresh, cut flowers are okay.

Active, lively energy is best kept to rooms that are not bedrooms 영화 인랑!

Read the other health tips in my sleep and bedrooms series to learn how to keep your bedroom healthful and restful.

Here’s to a deep sleep!

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