Health Tips - Sleep, Effect of Light on

Sleep, Effect of Light on

Darkness causes the pineal gland in your brain to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone.  Light causes your body to wake up!

Your body is set to the rhythm of going to sleep for at least 8 hours when it gets dark and waking up when there is light Download the Otoomania song.  If someone’s pineal is not resilient, it can get stressed by anything that confuses that pattern.  For example, someone lays in a dark room for 15 minutes, then gets up to a bright light in the refrigerator or bathroom.  A shocked pineal stops producing melatonin and you could end up awake sysstat 다운로드!

To improve sleep, try to cooperate with the body’s sleep rhythms related to darkness and light.  Dim your lights if you get up from bed; squint your eyes if you go into the refrigerator; blacken your bedroom for the best melatonin production and best sleep currency cop 다운로드. For more data, read this tip: Lights at Night.

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Sweet dreams!!

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