Health Tips - Metal in Bedrooms

Metal in Bedrooms

Metals accumulate electrical charges which can distort the body’s own electrical field. This can make it difficult for your body to heal and possibly to sleep mp3 녹음기 다운로드.

As one of the purposes of bedrooms is body repair and healing, it is not a place for metals 리플렛 양식 다운로드. Metals are usually all over a bedroom in the form of metal bed frames, box spring steel coils, cell phones, metal lamps, jewelry, eyeglasses, laptops, DVD players, TV’s, exercise equipment, etc Download the Two Point Hospital.

Instead, try this:

  1. Take any metal bed frame such as brass or iron out of the room ASAP. Sorry about that, but there are lots of lovely wooden bed frames 71 times! If you can’t afford a new bed frame, put your mattress on the floor for now. Wooden platform beds are sold inexpensively at IKEA.
  2. Do not use a box spring or the metal mattress bed frame it often sits on 원격 데스크톱 프로그램. Platform beds are able to support a mattress without the use of a box spring. Read Beds and Bed Linens for alternatives 콩 스컬 아일랜드. In much of the world, beds do not need a box spring!
  3. Keep your machines such as T.V.’s and DVD players in another room such as your den. Keep your computers in your work room Download Harry Potter and the Deathly Ta. Do whatever you want to do with these machines up to bedtime and then end off with them. This is particularly necessary if you live around high-wires Gravity. Get the machines out of your bedroom!
  4. Keep your watches, jewelry, and eyeglasses in a jewelry tray in your bathroom or dressing room or in a dresser far from the bed 잭과팡.
  5. Buy lights for your nightstand that have a ceramic or non-metal base where possible.
  6. As best you can, keep metals over 5 feet from your bed Windows 7 oem.

Read the other health tips in my sleep and bedrooms series to learn how to keep your bedroom healthful and restful.

For your sweet sleep,

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