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Representative Dan Burton of Indiana’s 5th Congressional District has shown courage in his decade-long fight to force the pharmaceutical companies and government agencies to tell the truth about the deadly effects of drugs on children 그래니 다운로드.

Dan Burton became involved in investigating the harmful drugging of children when his grandson became autistic within days after receiving 9 vaccinations, 7 of which contained mercury Download hi-q 3. Then as Chairman of the Reform and Oversight Committee (1997-2002) he initiated hearings on the department of Health and Human Services and the FDA to find out why there was mercury in vaccines and why they did not seem to know this was poisoning children all over America at an alarming rate Nero Portable.

Burton deepened his involvement with child safety by conducting hearings into the unholy alliance between mental health agencies and the drug companies in over-medicating hyper-active children, exposing how hundreds of parents were being pressured/coerced into drugging their child as a condition of attending school, or face charges of medical neglect Grab everything and.

As reported by The New York Post, at these hearings E. Clarke Ross, the head of CHADD, an advocacy organization that promotes ADHD and the use of Ritalin, was “blasted” by Rep 국화와 칼 다운로드. Dan Burton who accused CHADD of being in the pocket of drug lobbyists. The Post reports: “Nearly shouting, he charged Ross with creating an ‘appearance’ that his organization was compromised, since it received money from drug companies.” Ross was forced to later acknowledge to The Post that schools should not pressure parents to put their children on Ritalin 마법 천자문 동영상 다운로드.

Please support the freedom of people to live drug-free lives.

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