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In 1991, Harvard researchers showed that women who did not wear bras had a 60% lower rate of breast cancer than the women who wore bras dongin music. In 1995, Singer and Grismaijer studied 4600 women and found that the more hours per day that a bra is worn, the higher the rate of breast cancer. In 2000, two British breast surgeons released video thermography that demonstrated bras cause heating of the breasts Download epub. (A thermograph is an instrument that uses an infrared camera to reveal temperature variations on the surface of the body.)

In my clinical testing, the worst bras for one’s health contain metal underwires in them 미로 게임. As metal accumulates static electricity, it is like having a line of electrical charge running across the chest. This is a stressor to human bodies that are run by way of their own electrical flows Download Fruit Ninja. In addition, underwire bras reduce the lymphatic flow in the body more than regular bras do.

In case you are wearing a bra to prevent your breasts from drooping more as you age, there is research that shows that bras may actually increase sagging 가톨릭 성경 mp3 다운로드! More on that later…


  1. See if camisoles work for you.
  2. Always be bra-free at home!
  3. When you do wear bras, make sure they are wire-free 해병대 사가. All major lines have them — Playtex, Haynes, Bali, Gap, etc. They usually have extra layers for support and work perfectly well Download kakaotalk voice recordings. One comfortable and attractive wire-free bra is called the Genie Bra. Check it out!

In your breast interest…

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