Article - Raising Healthy Children

raising healthy children

Statistically, the health of American children is the lowest it has been in the last fifty years. We may have conquered the infectious diseases that used to kill children, but now it's a whole new ball game. The "new" epidemic killers/cripplers are asthma, allergies, cancer, diabetes, addiction, obesity and heart disease. The current medical solutions largely involve drugging your child.

Our children live in an ocean of toxicity. They have to deal with thousands more toxins, pesticides and artificial hormones than we did when we were growing up. Our nutrient-deficient soil makes it hard for them to obtain the minerals they need to grow strong, disease-resistant bodies. In addition to that, there is current widespread drugging of children by the psychiatric community for psychiatric-created syndromes which are actually voted into existence. All these external factors aggravate any naturally occurring hereditary or genetic weak points in a child's body. The likelihood is that your child needs help.

The best defense against bad health is to build a strong body from the start.

Also, the earlier something is treated, the easier it is to handle. And the fewer problems a child should have later in life.

This is because children heal at a remarkable rate. The power which can be tapped into when their bodies aren't fully grown is huge.

For example, if you can get a child's liver and pancreas to function at a high capacity, then their blood sugar level will remain stable despite consuming sugar. They won't react by being wild or hyperactive which may lead to problems in school and unnecessary drugging. Another example is if you handle any sources of poor absorption of calcium in a child's body and then supply the child with enough calcium, you can save thousands of dollars on orthodontics, extraction of unerupted wisdom teeth and/or treatment of cavities. Also, if your child's immune system is strong and T-cells are being properly formed, your child can better withstand the onslaught of cancer, HIV and mutated viruses. What a difference a simple handling now can have in a child's life later.

The principle is this: if you ensure that all nutrients are supplied to make the body structure grow properly BEFORE THE STRUCTURE IS FULLY FORMED, not only will a child be healthier as they grow, but they'll enter adulthood with a sturdily constructed and finely-tuned "Sherman tank" of a body, proofed against the many ills prevalent in today's society.

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