Article - How to Be Healthy Cost Effectively

How to Be Healthy Cost Effectively

The high rates of health insurance are a major family expense. Little of this money actually goes to improving your health. Staying healthy by fully handling any non-optimum health conditions is the best health insurance, ensuring you a long and productive life.

How do you do this and still save money? Here are some suggestions that will not only save money but speed up your progress to full health:

Schedule a Nutrient Absorption Exam

Every body is poorly absorbing or rejecting at least one basic nutrient such as calcium or vitamin C. Some bodies are not absorbing whole food groups such as vegetables! If Dr. Pepi treats your absorption at the beginning of your health program, you will begin healing your body with each meal you eat.

Eat Raw Foods as Much as Possible

Heating destroys half of the vitamins in your food. Eating raw foods reduces the need to take supplements.

Schedule Longer Appointments

Between appointments a lot of things can happen in life: people can pick up infections, break their diets, stub their toes, etc. Dr. Pepi ends up having to spend appointment time handling these problems instead of someone's long-term body goals. Longer appointments let her get past the stubbed toes to handle the more chronic, underlying problems. To handle long-term body problems, she just needs enough time to do research into someone's body to find the underlying problems and then correct them. In longer appointments Dr. Pepi can also do more extensive treatment to remedy nutritional absorption problems. This means fewer supplement pills! Longer appointments = faster and more complete results. You save time and money!

Follow Your Patient Instructions!

If there's any reason whatsoever that you can't follow your written instructions from Dr. Pepi, call the office immediately. We may need your feedback to adjust your program for your comfort. These programs are meant to be long-term and continued until Dr. Pepi changes them during a consultation. The fact is that you will get better results with fewer doctor visits if you follow your instructions. Just remember to stay in touch with our office. This will help you reach your health goals faster.

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