Article - Soy Demineralizes Bodies

Soy Demineralizes the Body

Soybeans contain high levels of phytic acid, a substance which blocks the uptake of minerals in the intestines. Fermentation for a long period is beneficial, and is the only process that will reduce these phytates in soy. Examples of this include soy sauce and miso soup.

For example, people who drink soy milk every day run the risk of increased dental cavities and infection due to calcium loss, anemia due to iron loss, thyroid dysfunction due to iodine loss, and sexual and brain dysfunction due to zinc loss. Soy usage is particularly dangerous for children and pregnant mothers.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding soy. More data can be found including research at:
Weston A. Price Foundation

I researched soy in my practice and found that one for one, frequent soy users had extensive mineral deficiencies. I created a "soy-safe" office - there are no supplements for sale in our office that contain soy.

Why does America think soy = health? The soy industry spends well over 80 million dollars per year in advertising. One of the results of this marketing is that the food industry adds soy to most packaged, flour-based food and many other pre-prepared foods.

You can improve your health simply by avoiding soy and all foods containing it!

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