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Get Effective Relief For Water Retention

Dr. Pepi conducts extensive research and has made many breakthroughs in healing and nutrition. She is expert in finding the underlying source of a condition, enabling her to provide immediate relief with lasting results.

Dr. Pepi has had success with relieving water retention problems for many years. She achieves this through the use of natural supplements and recommending a diet specific to the individual patient.

I very much appreciate the help in making my pregnancy so much easier

What Causes Water Retention?

Water retention is usually a sign that your kidneys are not functioning optimally and are restricting the flow out of fluids. The kidneys are the major regulators of fluid levels in the body. Poor functioning of glands and organs, such as the adrenals and heart, can contribute to overall body swelling.

Traditional Treatment of Water Retention

The most common prescription for water retention is a diuretic (also called a water pill), any drug that elevates the rate of urine output. Long-term use of diuretics have been known to cause non-optimum side effects, one of the most commonly-stated ones being the condition of hyopkalemia (potassium deficiency), which can be fatal. Most non-drug alternatives, such as low-salt diets and elevating legs can help relieve the symptoms but don't address the cause of the water retention.

How Can Dr. Pepi Help Me?

Dr. Pepi can help you by consulting with you and based on your history, current diet and lifestyle, design an individualized diet and supplement program. The consultation can be done over the phone or as an in-office visit. Click here to go to our "Schedule a Consultation" form, or give us a call at 818-808-0899.

Success Stories

When I was pregnant with my daughter I had started gaining 2 - 3 pounds per week!! This was obviously water retention because my ankle bones were now not visible. I calculated at that rate I would weigh something unconfrontable at the 9 month point. I was very uncomfortable, and worried about getting edema and even worse toxemia.

I went to see Dr. Pepi. The result of the treatments were that my kidneys started to do their job, and I only gained another 10 pounds during the remaining 4 months of pregnancy. The first five months I had gained 30!

I very much appreciate the help in making my pregnancy so much easier and helping to give my wonderful daughter a better environment during those months!         Love, A.H.

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