Health Condition - Low Energy & Fatigue


Dr. Pepi has had over twenty years of success with handling fatigue, including extreme and chronic fatigue. Fatigue is a very common condition that unfortunately is often not handled well. Dr. Pepi uses advanced diagnostic techniques to find the underlying source of the fatigue and then treats with completely natural methods. She always aims for not only relieving the immediate condition of fatigue, but correcting the cause of the condition so that it doesn’t recur.

I had heart burn, no energy and was tired.

What Causes Fatigue and Low Energy Problems?

There are many, many reasons why someone could be experiencing fatigue. These can include hormonal problems, undetected low-grade infections, parasites, candida and fungal infections, poor health of one or more organs or even too much stress.

Traditional Treatment of Low Energy Problems and Fatigue

Typical traditional treatments are prescribing hormones, especially thyroid. However, many hormone medications, such as thyroid medications, cause the gland to turn off its own production of hormones, thus aggravating the condition.

Another typical prescription is to give an anti-depressant, on the assumption that the person is depressed. This, however, is usually not the case, and taking such a powerful drug can cause many unwanted side effects, apart from not handling the fatigue.

People will often find that the supplements or "energy foods" they are taking are not having the desired effect. This is because they are either not taking the right nutrients, or they are not able to absorb. Problems with absorbing the minerals and vitamins that a body needs is very common and especially common in people experiencing fatigue.

woman without fatigueHow Can Dr. Pepi Help Me?

Dr. Pepi can help you by consulting with you and based on your history, current diet and lifestyle, design an individualized diet and supplement program designed to handle the specific cause of your fatigue condition.

The consultation can be done over the phone or as an in-office visit. Click here to go to our "Schedule a Consultation" form, or give us a call at 818-808-0899.

Success Stories

"I had heart burn, no energy and was tired. My doctor had no idea what to do and I was just handling the symptoms not the reason why. Dr Pepi put me on a program to straighten out the mess and within a few days I had renewed strength and energy!"        J.C.


Dr. Pepi discovered my problem as being Epstein Barr Virus which causes chronic fatigue syndrome and a blood test confirmed her diagnosis. With two treatments and an immune system boost, I have regained energy that I thought was gone forever. It really is a whole new world. I eat better, I sleep better, and I have enthusiasm and clearer vision. Apparently I have had this undiagnosed problem for some time. So it is a great thing I discovered Dr. Pepi and her treatments. It has changed my life.        Sincerely, H.A.


I went from a state of total exhaustion where I was dragging and everything was an effort to pep and vigor and energy just through one short treatment and supplements she recommended. Yeah!        L.S.


Today I ran 5 miles for the first time in 12 years. I am getting into shape faster than I did when I was 12 years younger. The difference is the diet I have learned from Dr. Pepi. I have a lighter energy and more of it. My target was to do 6 miles but that’s easy now, so I’m going for 10. It feels great!"


The diet and supplement recommendations were perfect. After about 30 days I felt better than I have in years. I have much more energy. A lot of my attention came off my body and, as a bonus, I lost ten here-to-fore hard-to-lose pounds. I’m motivated to continue.        A.M.


I saw Dr. Pepi last week to fix why I was always so exhausted.  I would wake up feeling like I hadn't slept at all sometimes. 

She put me on supplements, off dairy and on a lot of veggies, and I now feel totally different--more energetic and I am waking up feeling AWAKE and ready to roll.  Thank you for your help!        J.W.


“I came to see DR. Pepi with no energy, a weight problem and acne. After just 3 weeks, my skin cleared up, my energy has increased enormously and I have lost 5 lbs. I cannot wait to see my results after another three weeks. Thank you so much.”        A.P.


Dr. Pepi has been after me to start eating more raw veggies for a while now. I just “didn’t have time” to shop and I thought I didn’t like vegetables. I never really got much better. I was drinking and smoking and eating fast food. I figured Dr. Pepi would be able to keep my body in shape just with treatments and supplements. She insisted that it would be a lot cheaper to change the diet. Well, Dr. Pepi’s right again. I started eating raw about 3 months ago. I quit alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, and cooked fat and I feel great!!! I can almost keep up with my 16 year old twin boys in energy and sometimes they wear down before I do. I lost about 25 pounds and I’m looking physically like I did 25 years ago (maybe even better). And it is cheaper. It is such a win to go to the doctor for a tune-up instead of needing an overhaul every time I’m here. Thanks doc. You’re the best body mechanic around!!!        W.M.


When I started seeing Dr. Pepi, I had several things I wanted handled. I had been extremely tired. That has completely handled. In fact, my schedule is so booked with cycles I have to force myself to go to bed at night.        J.W.


Before seeing Dr. Pepi I used to make myself exercise because I knew my body needed the health benefits but the body was so tired all the time I was not able to advance or increase my program at all. It was all I could do just to continue and to maintain the level at which I started. Until today!

After one week of treatment with Dr. Pepi, I couldn’t hold myself back from running on the treadmill this morning because I had so much energy! When my 2 miles were up and the machine started to wind down for the end I was actually disappointed that it was over already instead of my normal exhausted relief that the torture was done! This is a big win for me because what I really want is not freedom from disease but health and vigor.        M.W.


I came here with no energy, a 59 year old body going rapidly down hill. That was last May. Recently I ran upstairs, skipping every other step without ever thinking about it! I got to the top and wasn’t even slightly winded or fatigued. I had no attention on my body! Very Nice Win!        J.C.


I came to see Dr. Pepi about several non-optimum conditions. One of theme was constipation, which has been a problem for at least 24 years. I also had allergies in full bloom constantly as well as adult acne. By following the program Dr. Pepi gave me, I have twice as much energy as before, my constipation is gone, my skin is almost normal and my allergies are under control!!!        D.F.


After just one week on the supplements my energy level increased dramatically and I began to sleep more restfully. Thank you, this is so helpful and I feel I am getting my body back on track.        L.B.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I had a digestive problem that was allowing candida to expand into my intestines and poison me. I had heart burn, no energy and was tired. My doctor had no idea what to do and I was just handling the symptoms not the reason why. Dr Pepi put me on a program to straighten out the mess and within a few days I had renewed strength and energy!

Dr. Pepi’s abilities and knowledge and diagnostic methods allow her to zero in on the real reason and what will handle it. She finds out what the body needs. I am very grateful to her and her staff and I’m continuing my program to even better results that I expected.        J.C.


I feel physically better, with more energy every day.  I don't feel tired, and I can do more things.  Thank you Dr. Pepi for helping me to feel better.        B.A.


I have seen Dr. Pepi for one week. Actually only saw her once. I’ve been taking supplements one week.

I guess you don’t know how far you are down until you start coming up. My energy level is up so I can look forward to doing things. I did not even realize how limited my life had become. It has been 12+ years that I have felt this way. To have it turn around in a week is truly fantastic. The skill and professionalism I have been treated with at Dr. Pepi’s office is truly magnificent. I can only get better!!        T.F.


After two visits my energy continues to improve, and my alertness continues to improve. I’m looking forward to more improvements. Kind’a exciting!!        K.G.

After having finished chemotherapy for lymphoma in January, my body was slow to build up my immune system and my energy level. After Dr. Pepi put me on specific supplements, and a treatment to absorb minerals, my body bounced back dramatically. My energy level shot up and I was able to shake off an upper respiratory infection in just three days with vitamin C only.

A year ago I was cautioned not to contract a cold or flu bug as it would likely land me in the hospital with pneumonia. No worries now, mate!!        J.M.


I have been feeling great lately and ready to be active again! I haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager! (I’m 56 years old). This is a big change from when I first came to see Dr. Pepi. Then and for years prior, I had been feeling tired most of the time and would easily get stressed and stay stressed out for several hours and the body would be exhausted and drop off to sleep quickly. Now I have so much energy that I had to stop taking some of the supplements because the body did not want to sleep. Now I have to exercise the body to use up excess energy so that it will go to sleep. What a change!        D.N.


When I came in today I was extremely tired. Now I am just fine, after Dr. Pepi worked on me! Right after the first time I came here I felt much, much better! My sugar cravings disappeared, my headaches (from low blood sugar) went away and my energy went way up. Dr. Pepi has these illnesses nailed!        R.Q.


I came in with just about no energy and now have boundless energy! I’m also doing a lot better in lots of other areas and I feel like my body is being repaired. I probably will end up being better than ever.        D.O.


In just ten days I feel so much better – I have more energy, losing weight, happier! I came in with my stomach a total mess with candida and not able to digest food, burn fat and I was constantly nauseated. In only ten days on Dr. Pepi’s program I feel 110% better in every aspect of my life!        N.R.


Just a few weeks on the supplements Dr. Pepi recommended and I am feeling much more energetic! People have remarked that I look younger too! I feel much calmer – less keyed up. I am experiencing a drop in my appetite which is good because I need to lose weight.        D.N.


My 21 year old daughter has been so chronically exhausted that it’s been ruining her life—and mine! Nothing else we’ve tried for the past eight years has helped. Dr. Pepi diagnosed the exact thing needed to repair her immune system. I have a bright new cheerful daughter! She can now hold a full-time job without complaint. At home she’s cooperative and helpful (who stole my old daughter?!)        N.K.


I had been having troubles with low metabolism and low energy during the day for a number of years. After seeing Dr. Pepi a few times and taking the supplements recommended my energy level came way up until it wasn’t a problem anymore (and I even forgot about it) altogether in a couple of weeks or so.        X.J.


After two weeks of taking nutrients prescribed by Dr. Pepi, I feel so much more energetic and interested in doing things. I am very happy with the treatment she is giving me!        C.E.


I came to Dr. Pepi in September because I was lethargic and couldn’t seem to get rid of my colds. I had been trying antibiotics but they weren’t helping. Dr. Pepi gave me specific supplements. Not only did that heal me but in November (the next month) I began playing water polo. The practices were 3-4 hours a day during the winter in the outdoor pool at my high school. But while all my team mates began dropping like flies midseason due to various illnesses they had contracted due to their weak immune systems, I stayed healthy! Yeah! Thanks Dr. Pepi, you’re wonderful!        N.E.


I feel like a new person. I was still very tired when I first started coming to see Dr. Pepi. I don’t have that problem now! I feel like I could do a Wonder Woman commercial! I have a hard time settling down at night because I still have things I want to do! I have to do to sleep on the clock, rather than when I feel tired. – This is a huge win! My periods, which had become heavy, painful and erratic, are settling down and becoming normal. I actually have more consistent energy than I have had for 30 years (I’m 45) and I’m forgetting what that “bone-tired” feeling is like. This is priceless! Thank you.        M.E.P.


I am really impressed and inspired by the results I have received after one treatment with Dr. Pepi. My regular chiropractor, who is highly trained in nutrition, told me that I should see a Proctologist, an MD specialist. Being a nurse, I knew that meant drugs and/or surgery, neither one of which interested me. Having heard successes from others on how especially gifted Dr. Pepi is at diagnosis and getting to the real source of body problems, I decided to go to Dr. Pepi as a last resort. Am I glad I did!

I had acute pain in the colon and rectal bleeding that was quite serious and very distressing to say the least. Through her diagnosis and treatment in the office, changes I made in my diet and taking the recommended supplements I have been pain free and had NO rectal bleeding within 24 hours of beginning treatment. Before seeing Dr. Pepi I used to make myself exercise because I knew the body needed the health benefits but the body was so tired all the time I was not able to advance or increase my program at all. It was all I could do just to continue and to maintain the level at which I started. Until today! After a week of treatment with Dr. Pepi, I not only do not have my acute symptoms any more but I couldn’t hold my self back from running on the treadmill this morning because I had so much energy! When my two miles was up and the machine started to wind down for the end I was actually disappointed that it was over already instead of my normal exhausted relief that the torture was done! This is a big win for me because what I really want is not freedom from disease, but health and vigor.

I am so glad I received Dr. Pepi’s treatment and I am convinced that with her help and direction I will attain the health and vigor that I envision. Thank you for your help, Dr. Pepi.        M.W.


Ever since I had an old mercury filling replaced last week I’ve felt like I was dying. I was so exhausted that I looked like death. It felt like the skin on my face was going to droop right off from lack of energy to hang on! I had headaches, woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep again and was generally very cranky.

I figured I was just detoxifying mercury from the old filling and decided to “push through” it. Until the headaches were so bad and I was so mentally confused and dispersed that I knew I had to have Dr. Pepi check it out. I had had an allergic reaction to the Novocain! I never would have guessed!

After only 14 minutes of treatment I felt much calmer. That night I did wake up, but was able to fall right back to sleep again. And the next morning I felt like a normal person again.        N.K.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi my story seemed to be just a few years long, but as the treatment progressed, I realized that some parts had a longer history. Dr. Pepi began treating me two months ago. I came to her after trying several conventional avenues including having to quit a full time job because my body could no longer keep up with my purposes. In spite of all attempts my health was still declining.

Up until my early 50’s I led a dynamic and involved life. Then it fell apart. The symptoms were wildly fluctuating blood pressure, partial blindness, an inability to withstand any stress, loss of stamina and unusual somatics. A year earlier I had taken Core Level Thyroid and got a stay of execution. I entered into Dr. Pepi’s program with full cooperation. She has brought together several disciplines and uses them with a full intent to get her patient well. I have experienced many magical things in my lifetime. Most have been occasional. Some have only occurred once. But working with Dr. Pepi is to find out that magic can occur again and again.

By the way, it is work. She works diligently and I follow her instructions diligently. Some of it isn’t fun, but let me tell you, that losing your life is a good deal less fun. I have plans and thanks to Dr. Pepi I am going to get to them in THIS lifetime.

I am a Medical Technologist for 33 years and know that MD’s rely on laboratory tests as diagnostic aides. My chemistry and hematology results were and are normal except for a high cholesterol (which by the way is on its way down now). Dr. Pepi is able to determine the real outpoints in a body and then indicate them and correct nearly all of them with her program, nutritional advice, nutritional supplements, chiropractic, sound advice and…her magic. When she told me that my major problem was a dysfunctional endocrine system, I had never even guessed this was the problem. The repair of it has begun. When she indicated that my body didn’t process calcium or magnesium properly I realized that many body problems I had had since childhood were based on t his. She fixed this and my systolic blood pressure dropped 20 points. I am able to put in a 6-hour day at work or doing chores and, better yet, my husband and I just spent two days in San Diego playing tourist and I am ready for more. I have pink cheeks now and my body seems to be redesigning itself inside and out. It is magic. No doubt about it!!!

She is part of my future well being – the story goes on!!

P.S. When I was 15 I decided to become a medical technologist because pathology is the study of disease with the object of handing disease. It actually is a vast body of data that doesn’t necessarily produce a result. For the first time in my life I have discovered that the FULL complement to good health exists – good nutrition, exercise, preventative medicine, a good MD, Dianetics and Dr. Pepi’s magic.        Love, L.W.


Dr. Pepi's vitamins are great. I’d been off them for two months (too busy to come down and get them) and my energy level has fallen off. I came in today and got plenty of vitamins – and so I’m ready to blast up to a new high in energy.        G.N.


I felt 90-100% improvement after only one visit! My primary concern was excess weight and the doctor declared my adrenals DOA. One treatment and one week of following the diet and supplement plan and I was convinced that this would be a new lease on life for me! Best of all my energy level soared – I experienced zero hunger or food cravings. I’m 51 and have been dieting successfully and unsuccessfully for more than 40 of those (my first diet pills at 13, every diet on the planet, fat camps as a kid – you name it!) I’m also a professional ghost writer who has “written” celebrity health diet books and edited three books on weight loss from prominent nutritionists. Believe me I know this works!        L.P.


Before I saw Dr. Pepi I was tired a lot and had very low energy level. Dr. Pepi put me on a supplement and after two months on and off it my energy level shot out the roof. I went from exercising once a month to every day. Thanks Dr. Pepi.        J.E.


After treatment last week with Dr. Pepi, all of a sudden I couldn’t smoke my usual 10 – 15 cigarettes a day and my energy level increased dramatically. Yesterday I walked 8 miles and enjoyed every minute. This went from no activity at all to lots of activity. Now I can hardly smoke 1 cigarette a day. What a win, eh?        B.S.


Dr Pepi treated my body last week. Afterward I slept so well and had a noticeable resurgence of energy.        N.L.


Dr. Pepi's vitamins are effective! I’ve had fatigue problems for 30 years and since taking them my energy level and feeling of well being have increased 95%. My outlook on life is brighter and more positive because I have the physical wherewithal to do what I want to do. I’m not constantly fighting against the severe upset of not enough energy.        C.L.


I have a lot of energy. I do not get tired so easily. I feel good and I have been thinking better and it is all because of Dr. Pepi. And my warts are going away. Thank you.        A.E.


I came to Dr. Pepi feeling like I was dying – I mean my digestive system had shut down; thyroid had shut down and had candida in it and my ovaries were screaming for help. After five days of being on Dr. Pepi’s program – yes I said five days – my energy is restored. I feel alive again. I feel like taking on the world again! Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        J.C.


I have has such magnificent improvements occur in my life since starting to see Dr. Pepi that I have to write about them.

I came here because I was so deathly tired all the time. I had no energy for life beyond daily “drudgery”. I could not get restful sleep at night and often had insomnia, lying away for precious hours when I should have been sleeping. I was unable to sleep at night or even to nap during the day. My body ached all the time. I was horribly “massy” – a ton of bricks on my head and shoulders. I was an incredibly short tempered witch with friends and family. After one visit, my sleep improved noticeably. And amazingly enough, as a side benefit I started having painless, light flow, regular (every 28 days) periods for the first time in my life. (I’m 40 years old). Several visits later I stopped getting ill or partially ill regularly, as I had been doing for months.

Then I really started feeling “the power” after my visits, a great body energy that was unfelt before. Now I can sleep at night, have a lot more energy, am harder to upset and my body is repairing itself. I am living life again, instead of dragging my self through it day by hard-to-get-through day. All aspects of my life have improved, as my attention comes off my body. I didn’t believe it was possible before seeing her. Now I know better! Thanks!        K.F.

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