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Dr. Pepi conducts extensive research and has made many breakthroughs in healing and nutrition. She is expert in finding the underlying source of a condition, enabling her to provide immediate relief with lasting results.

Dr, Pepi has had over twenty years of success (you can see several success stories below) with handling headaches, including extreme and chronic headaches. This is one of Dr. Pepiís specialties and people consult with her from all over the world.

What is a Headache?

Generally speaking headaches are an inflammation in the head area (including brain and certain glands). The trick is to find out what is causing the inflammation. Inflammation is the response of a body tissue to injury or irritation; inflammation is characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat. Many things can cause inflammation in the head area, such as toxins, allergens and infections caused by parasites, fungus, bacteria or viruses. A lack of adequate nutrition can cause non-optimal operation in the head area, which also causes the brain or a gland in the head area to inflame.

Traditional Treatment of Headaches

Typically doctors prescribe pain-killers for headaches. If a headache is chronic, often testing, such as MRIs, is done but itís rare to find anything abnormal in this type of testing and pain-killers continue to be prescribed, often with increased strength or dosage. Pain-killers, however, are highly addictive, and have many other unhealthy side effects.

girl free of headachesHow Can Dr. Pepi Help Me?

Dr. Pepi isolates any environmental cause of your headache and puts you on a program that can relieve the headaches on a short-term as well as a long-term basis. She does this by consulting with you about your history, current diet and lifestyle.

The consultation can be done over the phone or as an in-office visit. Click here to go to our "Schedule a Consultation" form, or give us a call at 818-808-0899.

Success Stories

"It was a little hard for me to believe, but I did what she said. The headaches disappeared IMMEDIATELY. This is what people call a miracle these days."        H.B.


For 25 years (maybe longer) I've had debilitating headaches. This year alone, I've missed 23 days of work. After seeing Dr. Pepi for 3 weeks, I missed my monthly migraine completely. There are additional causes that are also being treated.

I have had really bad headaches for years – it was getting so I had them every three days. I’ve seen so many doctors – including holistic, chiropractor, Chinese acupuncture, etc, etc, etc. I tried dietary things – you name it.

Well, after Dr. Pepi gave me about an hour and a half of treatment – I have had no more headaches. NONE and it’s been a month (I’ve tried everything to kick one in!) So, there you go – from total apathetic “no one can help me,” to headaches GONE! Thanks!        D.F.


Dr. Pepi discovered that an allergy to sun and heat, which has also been treated, was causing some of the severe headaches.  I have since tested her treatment by exposing myself to the sun and heat without experiencing a headache!   Long live Dr. Pepi.....Please!        D.A.


Recently I had a headache for over two weeks which was so intense that it prompted me to see my doctor who told me it would go away soon. But, needless to say, it never did. After seeing Dr. Pepi (after numerous recommendations from friends) it was gone the following morning. I’m very grateful to Dr. Pepi.        J.P.


One night, while sitting at a seminar, I developed an extremely severe headache. I actually felt the back of my head swell out. This headache lasted 5 days. My medical doctor couldn’t isolate what the problem was, even after a $600.00 CAT scan. In one visit to Dr. Pepi, she isolated it to an allergic reaction to Pepsi Cola soda. Dr. Pepi creates miracles.        B.M.


I started getting unexplainable migraine-like headaches. Over the 6 weeks, I went to see 6 different doctors, desperately seeking some relief, but nothing helped. I saw an internist, an MD, an allergist, an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, and another MD at an emergency room. At the emergency room, they did a CAT scan and I was diagnosed with a neurological problem and referred to a neurologist. Each doctor prescribed me different types of drugs to take, but nothing helped.

The neurologist said that I needed to go to the Stanford Pain Management Clinic where I’d get an operation to insert something in my neck that would affect my nerves to alleviate the pain. I really didn’t want to do this.

A friend referred me to Dr. Pepi. I live far away from her, so I did a phone consultation. After giving her the data, she cut right to the chase, was able to diagnose over the phone that what I had was a sinus infection, and told me exactly what to do and what to take.

It was a little hard for me to believe, but I did what she said. The headaches disappeared IMMEDIATELY. This is what people call a miracle these days.        H.B.


For about eight years I have been having head pain and eye ball pain and pressure. I have seen doctors all over and they could never give me anything for my problem. But all this was ended when I made my first visit to Dr. Pepi.

I now feel 80% better and I’m working toward 100% with only a few more visits. What can I say? She is the greatest.        J.G.


I came to Dr. Pepi because of the horrible headache I had that lasted 2-3 days.  One time I went to the emergency  of a local hospital and had 2 IV's put in to get rid of the headache I had had for 4 days.  It helped, but I was still having this headache, it was becomming more frequent and nothing seemed to help.  Dr. Pepi gave me the right supplements after the correct diagnosis and after a couple of months, I  had a major change.  My energy level went up to the point I want to exercise, go for walks, hikes.  I need less sleep and feel sharper and improving by the day.  Following Dr. Pepi's instructions also helps a great deal like anything else it takes of one to make the changes in one's health with the help of someone who knows how to help you and that is Dr. Pepi.        A.M. 


Yesterday I had such a bad headache I wanted to crawl under a rock, go unconscious and be oblivious for about 9 years! Instead I had Dr. Pepi treat it. She said it was my meningeal sheath complaining. After a short treatment I felt relived and was able to get a good night’s sleep. Today I have no headache!!        N.K.


One day I got a headache like I’ve never experienced. It was so extreme that I could not get up, eat or do anything. I tried everything I could think of to get rid of it. Chiropractic adjustments, cell salts, vitamins, cal-mag and even Tylenol, which I hadn’t touched in many years. This went on for 2 ½ days. I saw Dr. Pepi the next day and she specifically identified the cause in a few minutes. In her words, “Your ovaries are trying to quit,” (at 42?) Yes, it was the beginning of my change, around the same age it happened to my mother. Two visits a week for four weeks and Core Level Ovary turned things around. My ovaries started working again and Core Level Ovary keeps me out of trouble every month. Who would think that you could delay your hormone clock? Thank you.        M.S.


During the month of May, I began to experience a type of headache that was not migraine in type and did not seem to be totally caused by my TMJ (jaw alignment) problem. Dr. Pepi identified aluminum poisoning as the cause and cautioned me about various foods and cookware. After the appointment and following her directions, I am pleased to say that I experienced immediate relief. This particular type of headache has not returned.        J.T.


I had five days of headaches and hot flashes when my October period came. This was an unusual surprise somatic for me. It turned out that my change had begun. I was in intense pain and mostly in bed for three days. I took painkillers for the first time in twelve years. They didnít work. I have now had four weeks of treatment from Dr. Pepi and this month I had only a slight minor headache. Thanks! Who would believe that that could be fixed?        M.S.


I have been suffering with a bad headache that came once a month with my period. This month, is the first time in about two years with absolutely no headache. Also, no cramps. I you have ever experienced the discomforts that accompany many women during their period; you can appreciate the fantastic glee to have it come and go barely even noticed. I attribute this to the Core Level supplements and the care and treatments from Dr. Pepi! Thank you.        T.M.


Dr. Pepi has done wonders for my physical state. I used to have headaches two or three times a month, I was perpetually tired and had very poor digestion with stomach problems. With singular tenaciousness, Dr. Pepi has gotten to the root of my physical problems. With much care and effort she has helped me to be cause over them. I have gained weight, seldom get headaches (and when I do it is because of some toxic substance usually) and rarely have stomach problems. Thank you, Doctor. I owe you.        T.S.


         I've gone two weeks with no headaches and only minor neck discomfort. This is a major win as previously Iíve had weeks where 25% of my time was spent with various degrees of pain. My headaches were very, very severe and sometimes lasted for two days. They were a ruin in my life.
         I've only been with Dr. Anita Pepi for a month and the improvement is steady. Plus I am regaining some of my energy and overall I am doing much better physically. And this certainly helps my morale!        J.E.

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