Health Tips - Dental Cavities

Dental Cavities

Dental cavities are infections in your teeth. They are avoidable. If you had regular bladder or lung infections, you would work to prevent those 협의이혼의사확인신청서. Your teeth are no different.

Cavity-prevention suggestions:

  1. Keep your diet alkaline with a large volume of raw vegetables. An alkaline pH is unfriendly to infection 아크로벳 프로 무료.
  2. Avoid highly processed, sugar and flour products, as they strip away the minerals and vitamins that keep teeth strong.
  3. As soy demineralizes the body and teeth, it should be avoided 아이언맨 3.
  4. Take 2 or more Core Level Bone per day, as it strengthens teeth and the bones they are part of 워하우스. It helps handle any infections in teeth and bones as well. You can order Core Level Bone here 무료 안드로이드 게임.
  5. Make your mouth an unfriendly environment for infection. Read this tip on mouth care.
  6. Follow your dental hygienist’s advice on care of your teeth firedrive.
  7. Above all, know that, regardless of anyone else’s viewpoint, teeth can be cavity-free.

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Strong, healthy teeth are a joy!

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Dr. Pepi