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Hygiene Basics

In Greek and Roman traditional stories, Hygieia was the goddess of health, cleanliness, and sanitation. Her name is the source of the word hygiene comic sans. Hygiene is the art of healthy living.

In modern times, there are viruses that can last in a body forever, contributing to fatigue. There are parasites that can be hard to find with lab tests Cue online. These can be spread by contact with body fluids such as saliva, mucous, blood, fecal material, etc.

To Reduce the Spread of Germs and Parasites:

  1. Do not kiss people directly on the lips unless you are married and sharing everything anyway 체크티비. If you are an actor, both you and your acting partner could rinse your mouths with 3% hydrogen peroxide first to lessen the risk.
  2. If you have contact with any body fluid of others, wash up Download Origin Pro. Soap and water goes a long way.
  3. If you have a cut, keep it covered until it has healed up.
  4. Do not share drinks, food, or makeup. For help on this, read my tip on eating with others 윤고딕 폰트.
  5. Use a toilet seat cover or toilet paper to cover a toilet seat or don’t sit down.
  6. Do not place your pack, purse, or briefcase near a toilet, or on top of a table or food counter wbc comment. These personal belongings have been researched to be excellent carriers of germs.

Hygiene is probably the chief way that health has improved over the centuries 7인의 사무라이.

This tip is a part of my disease prevention section. Be sure to read all my other disease prevention health tips to learn how to keep yourself and your family healthy 미스터 츄!

Increase your energy and vigor by preventing illness!

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