Health Tips - Cell Phone Radiation

Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phone radiation recently landed a spot on the World Health Organization’s list of possible carcinogens. Exposure depends on many factors, including distance from a cell phone tower, battery life and how close the phone is to one’s body Download MediaPack Genie.

Renee Sharp, California director for the Environmental Working Group, an environmental advocacy nonprofit, says, “If you use a headset, it’s definitely better, but maybe it’s not better if you’re putting your phone in your pocket echo 다운로드. If it’s not your head, it’s your reproductive organs.”

Doctors generally advise precaution, especially for children, whose thinner skulls and still-developing brains leave them more susceptible to the possible health effects of prolonged cellphone use 400kbps. In the U.S., more than half of children 12 years and older own cellphones, and that number is growing.

My article published in 2001 regarding cell phones can be found here Download the English Dictionary app. My updated suggestions are:

  1. Use a landline in your home with non-portable phones that have cords to the base and from the base to the ear-piece 간체자 다운로드. Use these for all phone calls that you possibly can. You can buy extension cords for these landline phones for convenience.
  2. Forward your phone calls to this home phone when you are home 크롬 자동.
  3. Keep your cell phone at a distance from you at all possible times. For example, put it on the seat next to you in the car when you are driving download eplan.
  4. Use earbuds such as you find on an iPod or use the speaker on your cell phone while you hold it at a distance from your head. Do not use bluetooth near your head area, particularly if you have brain, ear or thyroid problems Download Ship Raising.
  5. Most cars have speakers whereby the phone does not have to be near your body to use. Take the time to find out how to use these and then use them Download the Windows toolkit.
  6. Keep your cell phone 100% turned off when you are asleep.
  7. Do not charge your cell phone in your bedroom or near your food or supplements Download the dts codec.
  8. The simpler the cell phone, the less radiation required to run it. Keep them simple if possible.
  9. Try to avoid cell phone usage near your children, especially babies.
  10. Turn off cell phones when in a hospital or medical treatment area, as they can interfere with the proper operation of ventilators and pacemakers.

Don’t wait for the cell phone industry to protect you, set your own policies to reduce exposure!

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