Health Tips - Purpose of a Bedroom

Purpose of a Bedroom

Bedrooms are for “bed” purposes: sleeping, pleasant and restful time, and body recovery time. In order to sleep well, a body has to relax fully 원펀맨. TV news and commercials, computers, and stressful paperwork do not support the purpose of a bedroom. Pleasant books may.

I had a patient who had had a decade of insomnia that no treatments were stably helping Donkey Balthazar. When I went to her bedroom to see what was happening, her computer, printer and study books were almost on top of the bed. As soon as she took everything out of her room except for some pleasant books to read, she started sleeping much better 피아노타일2.

Here are some suggestions for ideal rest and body recuperation:

  1. No TV or computer or any unnecessary machines.
  2. No stress-reminding items, such as bills to pay or lists of things to do 카멜레온 부트 로더.
  3. No cell phones, portable phones or any wireless devices. If you want a phone for emergencies use a traditional phone that has a jack into the wall, but no cordless or wireless capability 생활영어.
  4. Open space around the bed is good! No clutter. This is no place for unfinished projects.
  5. No dirt and dust as they make it harder for a body to recover 아프리카 티비. No carpeting due to the dirt and mold that accumulates in carpet.  Only area rugs that can be removed and cleaned.
  6. Use calming, restful colors in the room 설계도. Intense red may not be the best choice

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May you have healing, restful sleep!

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Dr. Pepi