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Dr. Pepi conducts extensive research and has made many breakthroughs in healing and nutrition. She is expert in finding the underlying source of a condition, enabling her to provide immediate relief with lasting results.

Dr. Pepi has had consistent success with improving fertility and helping women get pregnant. She achieves this through the use of natural supplements and recommending a diet specific to the individual patient.

my daughter is living proof of Dr. Pepi helping with infertility

What Causes Infertility?

There are many causes of infertility including the fact that a female body can attack sperm as if it were a germ. A lot of times women's uteruses are so scarred up from abortion or other different traumas that they are not supple enough to accommodate a growing fetus. Poor hormonal balance and glandular function can also contribute to a state of infertility. The most common reason for infertility in men is low-quality sperm production.

Traditional Treatment of Infertility

Traditional medical treatment usually involves medication that is very expensive and that has very strong side effects, especially emotional. Other treatment tends to be invasive as well as expensive.

infertilty problemsHow Can Dr. Pepi Help Me?

Dr. Pepi can help you by consulting with you and based on your history, current diet and lifestyle, design an individualized diet and supplement program. The consultation can be done over the phone or as an in-office visit. Click here to go to our "Schedule a Consultation" form, or give us a call at 818-808-0899.

Success Stories

"Our beautiful healthy baby girl would not be here today but for Dr. Pepi’s amazing treatment. I previously had never had fertility problems. At age 38, I easily conceived and gave birth to our first daughter. Two years later, however, I had a miscarriage, followed by a year and a half of what felt like travels through every level of Dante’s Circles of Hell as my husband and I embarked on the journey of infertility that so many of us suffer through silently and often alone. Then, I met Dr. Pepi – who changed everything. Here is my story.

"I had a miscarriage in October 2006 after eight weeks of pregnancy. While it was a heartbreaking experience, I initially recovered quickly, at least emotionally, knowing that I would be able to get pregnant quickly again. Following the D&C procedure (procedure performed by my former OBGYN to clean out the uterus after the miscarriage), however, I physically felt off my game. I kept bleeding slightly beyond the normal time frame and my instincts kept telling me something was not right. I consulted a well known acupuncturist who advised me that the continuous bleeding meant that my body was trying to get rid of the residual tissues left from the miscarriage. My OBGYN meanwhile told me that the continuous bleeding, while somewhat unusual, was not enough to be alarmed about and told me to check back in another month. By December, I had stopped bleeding and my menstral cycle had returned to normal. The next month, in January 2007, I tested positive for pregnancy but the pregnancy hormones stopped rising after one week. The doctor called this a chemical pregnancy. My acupuncturist opined that something seemed to be obstructing the fertilized egg from implanting properly, but could not tell exactly what the issue was. More importantly, my instincts continued to tell me that something was still off with my body physically. I asked my acupuncturist to refer me to a fertility specialist. The specialist checked my uterus, my egg supply and my hormone levels and told me that I was very fertile and should be pregnant within 3 months. We tried naturally for 2 months. When I did not become pregnant, I told the specialist that I felt like something was off physically ever since the D&C and I would like to check it out. While advising me that he did not anticipate finding any irregularities, especially given my past successes getting pregnant, the specialist nevertheless agreed to perform a hysterosalpingogram (a procedure where iodine is inserted into your uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes to determine whether there are any blockages or irregularities). When he performed the procedure, he was surprised to find that my left tube was partly blocked. My left ovary is the dominant one and all of my pregnancies had been on the left side, so it was important to make sure that the left tube was functioning properly. My specialist speculated that a small piece of tissue left over from the D&C was blocking the tube and advised performing a surgery to remove the tissue. This blockage could very well have prevented the fertilized egg from getting into the uterus and implanting properly. So, we performed the surgery. My specialist found that there were no tissues to be removed; rather, the end of my tube had been scarred and was not functioning properly. He opined that the scarring likely occurred as a result of the D&C, given that I had successfully gotten pregnant on the left side with each pregnancy including the one that resulted in the miscarriage. He told me that IVF would be the only viable way that I could now get pregnant.

"Even though I was weary of putting so much hormones and drugs into my body, I desperately wanted another child and embarked on the IVF journey. My now, I had also reached the ripe old age of 40 and the specialist, acupuncturist and it felt like everyone else in society kept feeding me negative information about the extremely low rate of success for pregnancy after the age of 40. I went through one cycle of IVF, aborted another cycle and determined that IVF just was not the right choice for me. I decided to do research on alternative forms of medicine that would be healthier. That’s how I found Dr. Pepi.

"When I first visited Dr. Pepi in March 2008, I had no prior experience with muscle testing, kinesiology or chiropractice. I am also a trained lawyer and consider myself to be extremely rational. I frankly found Dr. Pepi’s approach quite incomprehensible and was filled with skepticism. Dr. Pepi immediately diagnosed that my left tube was scarred. Unlike the specialist who found this condition so troubling, however, Dr. Pepi told me with much optimism that we would just melt the scars away! Dr. Pepi was so matter-of-fact confident that I put aside my skepticism and thought, “why not, what have I got to lose?” So, I followed her directions and took the prescribed supplements. Two weeks later, Dr. Pepi told me that the scars were all gone and that I should now be able to get pregnant naturally. Still filled with a healthy dosage of skepticism, I scheduled another hysterosalpingogram for two weeks later in April to confirm whether Dr. Pepi was right and my tube was indeed clear. Two days before my scheduled procedure, I had a funny feeling and took a pregnancy test. I was pregnant – all within one month of seeing Dr. Pepi!! My specialist confirmed that, yes, this pregnancy also was from my left ovary and likely used the left fallopian tube. He also begrudgingly acknowledged that there must be something to what Dr. Pepi did for me.

"In addition to helping me become pregnant naturally, Dr. Pepi helped me throughout my pregnancy and made sure that both the baby and I would have optimum health. As a result, I only gained 23 lbs. during the pregnancy and was able to drop the weight quickly after my daughter’s birth. Dr. Pepi was so kind that, within days of giving birth, Dr. Pepi even went so far as to drive out to my home on a weekend to treat me so that I could recover quickly from the C-section.

"My story is living proof of the amazing things Dr. Pepi can do!! Equally important, Dr. Pepi has the best bedside manners and such confidence in what she does that her confidence rubs off on you. Unlike so many “traditionalists” who told me about the difficulties of getting pregnant after 40, Dr. Pepi told me that she had her daughter at age 44 and was utterly and completely confident that I would be pregnant again. I have since referred many friends and family members to Dr. Pepi. I’m sure some of them will be sharing their success stories someday soon."        M.H.


"I am eight weeks pregnant with twins and I know this would never have happened if I hadn't seen Dr. Pepi. She pulled me through two very bad episodes that the medical doctors had no handling for. I actually feel very confident that she can make sure my pregnancy is a success. That's a wonderful feeling!"        D. F.


"When I first came to see Dr. Pepi I was having problems getting pregnant. I was about to start my third invitro-fertilization process and would have done just about anything for this time to work. I followed Dr. Pepi's advice and treatment to the letter. It was the only different thing I did than the first two times. It worked! I am now about to have a baby and can't thank Dr. Pepi enough for all her help."        T. M.


"I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years with no success. Prior to my last pregnancy and afterwards, I had a history of fibroid tumors. These are non-cancerous tumors that grow in the uterus. At the time I had my first child, I had already had 2 surgeries to remove them.

"I went to see Dr. Pepi and my fibroids had grown back, but I still wanted to get pregnant. I followed exactly what she said and after 2 treatments, I was pregnant. My gynecologist didn't think that I could have gotten pregnant with the fibroids and one working fallopian tube, but I did. I was in my 8th week, my fibroids had grown very large again, and I had a miscarriage. I decided to have my fibroids removed.

"After the surgery, I went right back to Dr. Pepi. Dr. Pepi suggested that I wait 3 months before trying again while we healed the uterus. After the 3 months, she gave me a go-ahead. One month later, I was pregnant again!!! My gynecologist and the fertility specialist that I had couldn't believe that I had gotten pregnant so fast or at all. In fact, the fertility doctor gave me about a 1% chance. She said that at my age (close to 40 years old), the odds of me getting pregnant, along with the fact that I have had 3 fibroid surgeries, were very low.

"Of course, the odds meant nothing to Dr. Pepi. I once again did exactly what she told me and I got the results I wanted. After a perfect pregnancy, I had another baby boy.

"I have tremendous faith in Dr. Pepi and her abilities. I remember when a friend of mine first told me about Dr. Pepi. He said that she had a tendency to 'fix things' She sure does."         A. G.


"My husband and I have been trying to conceive a child for about four years. We've had two failures and a lot of disappointing months. I had had a few female surgeries, which had caused me some scaring of the uterus, and we discovered two years ago that my husband needed a vericocele, which was successful. We had high hopes and were so excited when we conceived last year. But early on I miscarried. I was, needless to say, disappointed again!

"Dr. Pepi was recommended to us for fertility. So we gave her a try. My husband was a little skeptical at first, but after seeing Dr. Pepi myself and him seeing some results, my husband started to see her as well for fertility and health reasons. After a few treatments with her himself he thinks she's wonderful. Well, after about three months of treatment with Dr. Pepi for fertility we have conceived successfully. So far all is well and we are so thankful! You're the greatest!!"         K. S.


"It is great to have my body doing well enough to get pregnant (a goal I've had for about one year). Now I am seven weeks pregnant with my second child and am doing great! Thank you so much, Dr. Pepi!"        M. L. B.


"I tried for four years to get pregnant and after seeing Dr. Pepi for several months, I got pregnant and had a beautiful boy - strong, healthy and BIG! Thanks, Dr. Pepi, he's really a gift."         C. S.

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