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Get Effective Relief From Stress

Since 1984 Dr. Pepi has been using natural methods to effectively reduce the physical causes of stress. 

working with dr. pepi is to find out that magic can occur again and again

What Causes Stress?

Stress is caused by emotional and life pressures, however, any lowered function in the body reduces its ability to buffer stress. You can handle many of life’s stresses with composure when your body is up for it.

Here are some of examples of conditions that decrease your ability to handle stress:

  • Poor absorption of good fats
  • Non-optimum nervous system function
  • Distressed hormonal glands
  • Imbalances or deficiencies of nutrients

Traditional Treatment of Stress

The typical medical solution to stress is to drug the patient. While many drugs are available, they result in reduced sensation and numbness and the ability to feel any kind of emotion. Additionally, these medications have other, life-threatening, side-effects.  

stress reliefHow Can Dr. Pepi Help Me?

Dr. Pepi can immediately reduce the stress you are feeling. Dr. Pepi has consistent success in reducing stress and helping them feel relaxed and calm. She does this by consulting with you and based on your history, current diet and lifestyle, design an individualized diet and supplement program intended to shore up your body’s ability to relax in the face of stress. There are physical causes of stress and stress can be considerably reduced through diet etc.

The consultation can be done over the phone or as an in-office visit. Click here to go to our "Request a Consultation" form, or give us a call at 818-808-0899.

Success Stories

"Up until my early 50’s I led a dynamic and involved life. Then it fell apart. The symptoms were wildly fluctuating blood pressure, partial blindness, an inability to withstand any stress, loss of stamina and unusual body pains. A year earlier I had taken Core Level Thyroid and got a stay of execution. I entered into Dr. Pepi’s program with full cooperation. She has brought together several disciplines and uses them with a full intent to get her patient well. I have experienced many magical things in my lifetime. Most have been occasional, some have only occurred once, but working with Dr. Pepi is to find out that magic can occur again and again. "        L.W.


"I came in here a few weeks ago really stressed out. My schedule had been so hectic that I wasn’t getting enough rest. Dr. Pepi treated me and I felt much better and this was in just one treatment! She also gave me supplements to help keep me going. These are amazing and my energy has increased greatly! Thanks, Dr. Pepi"         L.M.


"I was on a long business trip, having driven from LA to Oakland, and felt under a lot of stress. I had developed a chronic headache, was fatigued and sluggish and felt like checking into a hospital. Then I remembered the supplements I was given by Dr. Pepi and took one. I started coming out of it and took one more just to really handle it. Within about an hour I completely came out of the condition and was rearing to go. What a relief! It worked. Thank you."        P.C.


"I used to have a lot of trouble with gallbladder pain and gallstones. A few months ago it was at its worst. I had a gall bladder attack after eating some kind of fat or oil. It was PAINFUL! I couldn’t sleep all night and had no idea what was going on. It was very upsetting.

"I was told by Dr. Pepi my body was having an autoimmune response to the gallbladder and that the healthier and stronger I got, the more my body attacked my gallbladder. Now I understood why all the things that I had been doing to try to make my body stronger and healthier seemed to make this problem worse. It was such a relief to know what was going on because it hadn’t made any sense at all.

"She treated me and found that there were specific nuts and seeds that had nutrients in them that I was deficient in and which stopped my body from attacking my gallbladder. I followed her instructions carefully. Now it is several months later. I just realized that I ate a half cup of cream the other night and had NO adverse reaction. Before, that would have had me up in pain all night. This has made a HUGE difference in my lifestyle and my freedom to eat what I want. Thank, Dr. Pepi."       R.T.


"Today I came in all stressed out from handling lots of things and people. Recently my dad died. I was feeling headachy and had had some allergic reaction to some soap I had just bought and put out in my dressing room. So I had a few things going on. After being treated by Dr. Pepi I felt relieved, more relaxed and much freer. Somehow all the things that were stressing my body out were "gone" and all seemed fine. I feel like a new woman!!"       R.T.

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